• Charles & Glynn Scales

    Performing August 5th, 2023

  • Lord Yancyy

    Performing August 5th, 2023

About Jazz on the Avenue

Customer Appreciation Day/Jazz on the Avenue History

JAZZ on the Ave the legendary celebration of 100 business hosting their annual Customer Appreciation Day on the first Saturday in August on Detroit Historic Livernois Avenue of Fashion. 

Food, Fashion, Art, Music and Family Fun. We have it all here, on The Avenue of Fashion.

In 2008 Avenue of Fashion Association combined customer Appreciation Day with Jazz on the Ave.

In the subsequent years individual businesses began adding in their own entertainment venues. 1917 Bistro added a Jazz venue. The promoter activated Outer Drive parking lot. Teaser’s produced a fashion show. Felle and art fair. Collette a classic car show. Larry Swygert did Larry Swygert. Grantston brought in a vibe player. Ronda Morrison booked Fast Freddie. Sherwood Art Gallery brought WAK in. Collette a Jamaican stage. Skillsville gave a gymnastics exhibition. Baker’s Key Board, Hang Over Lounge, Jo’s Gallery, 21’s Century Salon, 7, Mica’s, Magic Dance Studio. Angie Ennis activated Outer Drive parking lot in 2017 with a full R&B production.

Jazz on the Ave is promoted and produced by the business on Livernois as Customer Appreciation Day

2023 JOA Schedule of Events

Charles & Gwen Scales:
6 PM – 9:00 PM – 19416 Livernois
Lord Yanceyy:
4 PM – 6:00 PM – 19350 Livernois

Chess Tournament:
3 PM – 6:00 PM -19472 Livernois

Fashion Show

Classic Car Show:
12 PM – 5:00 PM

Swygert’s Jazz Set:
4 PM -7:00 PM – 19445 Livernois

Deblon and Friends:
12PM – 5:00 PM -19195 Livernois

Mike’s Market
Longstreet Jazz Violinist:
3PM – 6:00 PM -18971 Livernois

3PM – 6:00 PM -18933 Livernois

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